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About Us

IM&CS Network is an international surveyors’ network providing excellent services and protecting your interests all around the world with our experienced global survey team.

As independent surveyors' network, we started operating in 2013 and we keep increasing our surveys and interventions through our well-established global network of surveyors.

We are able to provide inspection services worldwide, at short notice and always at the highest level of quality.

Our services include machinery surveys, marine and cargo advisory, cargo damage claims, and much more.

You can trust us to ensure expertise and professional managing of any average worldwide.

We are an international network that cares about your local interests.


IM&CS Network Ltd. Associates have specific expertise in:

  • General bulk cargoes
  • Machinery
  • Electrical/electronic plants
  • Cargo stowed in containers – verifying the correct stowing and lashing
  • Refrigerated and frozen foods (fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.)
  • Gourmet food items (cocoa, chocolate, coffee, wine, etc.)
  • Logistics & Clinical Supply Operations
  • Steel products (plates, coils, pipes, etc.)
  • Leather & skins
  • Container unit body inspections
  • Theft and robbery investigations
  • Loading, stowing, and lashing inspections/supervision
  • Heavy lift cargo supervision
  • Transportation of high-value works of art and household furnishings
  • Fine arts and antiques
  • Luxury motor yachts and sailboats – evaluation of the condition
  • Luxury motor yachts and sailboats – inspection in case of damages
  • Risk analysis (warehouses, critical points in a transport, etc.)
  • Loss preventions
  • Packaging expertise
  • Recovery actions
  • Salvage sales
  • Technical Training
  • We can also support our clients with technical translations in the marine/cargo insurance field


Our Global Strategy in a local approach – is to provide our clients with efficient and high-quality standards to minimize the damage and aid any recovery action.

For any claim you can contact our head office at and all the enquiries will be routed to our local associates and correspondents.

We will manage the damage anywhere in the world, meeting the highest industry standards.

We will take care of the claim from start to finish, both in technical and legal aspects, evaluating the damage and providing the best salvage sale.

The greater the average, the stronger the network: IM&CS is your partner

Join Us

Interested in connecting with our international network and becoming a member?

If your company is specialized in marine and cargo surveys and has been operating for at least 15 years, now it’s time to join us.

Our network offers the opportunity to improve your business towards international projects, focusing on technical workshops and authentic relationships.

We all have similar work values: proactivity, excellent client experience and cost- effective solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity, you can immediately start working with a great international partners’ network.

Areas we cover

IM&CS Network and its’ associates and correspondents cover all continents: Europe, Asia, South and North America, Australia and North and South Africa.

IM&CS Network currently has 54 associates, 86 correspondents in 140 different countries.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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